Janna MacGregor

Bachelors of Bond Street

A Regency Romance Anthology

About the Book

An all-new anthology featuring novellas from acclaimed Regency historical authors Janna MacGregor, Shana Galen, and Minerva Spencer. Bond Street is famous for its elite clubs, fashionable shops and successful businesses. Now meet the bachelors who’ve made Bond Street their domain. Are these gentlemen as lucky in love as they are in business?

Love by the Letters

By Janna MacGregor

Miss Portia Bellingham, a wealthy merchant’s daughter, wants her sister’s eighteenth birthday to be the best-ever. She’s ensuring it’s spectacular by giving her sister the ultimate gift—her heart’s desire. Portia is convinced she’ll never find her own true match, but she’ll do anything for her sister including crafting a love letter, one that Portia pours her heart and soul into. She’ll even personally deliver it to her sister’s secret beau. But something goes horribly wrong when she slips the love note to the wrong man, the dashing Bond Street bookstore owner, Mr. Gabriel St. Aulyn. Desperate to get the note back, Portia changes her identity, then risks everything, even her heart.

Could finding your heart’s desire be that easy?

Believing in fate, Gabriel can’t help but be intrigued when the mysterious Portia Belmont repeatedly comes to the store asking for research help. But soon he suspects she’s there for something else when he finds her in his storage room, then his bedroom. But Gabriel can’t be angry when he discovers her true identity—not when they share so many common interests, namely books and all those delicious kisses. When he comes upon the love letter by accident, there’s only one thing to do—ask Portia to marry him. But love never comes easy, especially when it’s revealed the letter wasn’t intended for Gabriel, and Portia’s betrothed to someone else. Will both decide to push fate aside and take this chance for a love that comes only once a lifetime?

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Published: October 11, 2019
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1699002673 ISBN-13: 978-1699002674